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Wedding Restoration

(fig 1)


(fig 2)

The unfortunate Groom in this Photo (fig 1) happens to be standing in the wrong place! This couples Wedding photos simply couldn’t be made public! The Candelabra over the Grooms head was skillfully removed and a replacement put between the happy couple! (fig 2).

Hiring a professional photographer for your Wedding Day can cost a fortune.

However, with the quality of modern affordable digital cameras many people are asking family and friends to help record that special day instead.

This can work out a lot more cost effective, but the results may not always be ideal.

Here at Photo2Digital we can help. You can send your unprofessional photos to us either on a memory card, CD, printed photos or by email and we can enhance them to a more professional finish.

* Remove unwanted objects from the background

* Make that dull weather into a summer’s day

* Create a black and white or sepia tone effect

* Or for scanned images have selective enlargements

Although the formal wedding photos are a valuable record of your day, they don’t necessarily capture thought provoking moments, the ones that will, help you to reminis in the future. Snapshots provide this, when you look at them in the future you will probably be reminded about what happened just before and just after the photo!




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