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Slide Restoration

(fig 1)

(fig 2)

(fig 3)

Slide Scanning and Restoration – Slide Restoration presents a different set of problems.

Notoriously even if Slides are kept in perfect surroundings and carefully stored, they can still be subject to mould infestation and dust.

It is also known that certain film makes and types gave a blue or green cast to the picture.

Projectors are usually stored out of easy reach and replacement bulbs can be difficult to find. Once scanned most DVD players will allow viewing on your TV.

When Slides come in to Photo2Digital they are briefly cleaned with a lint free cloth and then any dust blown away by a Air Duster (fig 1). After scanning we can then Zoom in to any areas areas where mould or dust cannot be moved (fig 2), this can then be digitally removed, bringing back the original Slide quality (fig 3). The images are also brightened to also improve quality.

Because of the size of slides they are scanned at a higher resolution so that they can be enlarged to give excellent results, therefore, slides take much longer to scan than prints.

We can accept medium and large formats.




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